divendres, 30 de maig de 2008

Last long weekend

This last bank holiday, my family and me, went to Andorra. We went by car. After three hours of pleasant travel, we arrived to Andorra. We were in our hotel, called El Pedral;. It is a hotel done with stone. Andorra is a beautiful place. My children enjoyed very much walking in its green mountains. There was snow and my children had a sledge. They played a lo with it. I hope we will can come back next year.

Ana Romera

Central Park

My favorite place is Central Park ( New York ) , It was 4 years ago more or less than I could visit it and it is an incredible experience, to see a great green area inside an enormous city!!! , as well as its sky-scrapers.

I like it a lot for the quantity of activities that you can be made apart from going for a walk: to run , to Skate , ride on a bicycle , to play Baseball , to play soccer...It is like being inside a movie


dijous, 29 de maig de 2008


All the north coast of Scotland you can find the best cliffs of the world .You can feel like the nature beat into the rocks .Usually there are rest of the old castles next to the abyss and you can dream you was in a old battle. You see a brave and blue sea next a green fields without the large beach of Mediterranean’s coast .




I have a favourite restaurant . It is called “Venecia”. I have eaten the best pizzas and the best lasagnes. The problem is that manyl people know it and the restaurant is always full . Now it isn’t the same. There is too many people and noise.

Ana Romera

The favourist place


I like Sitges is a beautiful city of Catalonia. It has some museuns, beaches and restaurants.
I like walking along the streets and visit the old colleagues of work.
I like the shops and street market.
M Angeles

diumenge, 25 de maig de 2008

Long weekend

The 1st of May bank holiday Iwas working in the Internacional Tennis Federacion in Cornella de Llobregat ( Barcelona ). I worked from 8h o´clock up to 15h o´clock and in the afternoon at 20:45h there was a basketball match (F.C.Barcelona-Polaris Murcia). So it wasn't a long weekend for me.

dimarts, 20 de maig de 2008



Last weekend, I went with my family and some friends to my appartment in Arenys de Mar a little village near Barcelona in the Maresme Coast. We could enjoy the sun in the beach but the see was still cold for a swimming. However my daughter wanted to check that, and she enjoyed her first swim this year. Saturday I went to work with my husband because it is the day that I need more sell assistants and staff to sell. We came back in the evening and we finished my short holidays .


dimecres, 7 de maig de 2008

A trip to Mallorca

Hello.. One of Sant Boi students has added an inetresting photo article in the e-zine. It's about Majorca, an island near Barcelona. It's another interesting way to show articles. I invite you all to visit the e-zine.
And there's a new forum open to all your comments.