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Bialystok's Village Museum it is outdoor museum.You can see historical wooden buildings, come from different places of Voivodship Podlasie. Outdoor museum is located 15 minutes from center of Bialystok.



Branicki Palace in Bialystok,the"Versailles of Podlachia"was built for Count Jan Klemens Branicki. Great Crown Hetman and patron of art and science, raised in French milieu of the Polish aristocracy who transformed a previous house into the suitably magnificent residence of a great Polish noble a rival to Wilanow, making start in 1726. he also laid out the central part of the town of Bialystok, not a large place in the 18th century,whit its triangular market. Branicki Palace was destroyed by the Nazis.The poles rebuilt it after World War II as a matter of national pride. The Medical University is housed in the Palace.

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Tramvia Blau



Course: John F. Kennedy square to Doctor Andreu square, the Tibidabo avenue ( line 194 ).

Current status : Running tourist. Only

Hours: Monday Friday 7:45h pm to 21:00h every 20 minutes.
Saturdays and holidays: 10:00h pm to 18:20h every 30 minutes.


Montjuic cable car

You’ll be able to enjoy one of the city’s most impressive green areas on this unique means of transport which travels up to the castle on the top of the hill.

A halfway stop provides access to the viewing area know as the” Mirador de l’Alcalde”, and an attractive landscape terrace. Last year the cable car has been improve with more box.

The price isn’t cheep . Into de box is possible to see landscape from Barcelona and the sea .

Tibidabo train

This is a tourist transport in Barcelona.It is a little train , railway cable and goes to the Tibidabo park.
The cable card is being renovated now. It is going to double the number of passengers .
The first stop is at doctor Andreu square and finishes at the top of Tibidabo hill.
There there are Tibidabo park, a Chapel and houses .
Price list To go up and go down 3 € To go 2 €Go down 2 €
Antonia D


GOLONDRINAS The swallows (“golondrina”) are the little ships that are doing tourist routes around Barcelona port. The trip lasts 35 minutes from “Moll de la Fusta” to the out side dock and you can disembark and take a walk. The price is 4€ for adults and 2 € for children . It is possible another route to Olympic Village where you can sail along the city’s coast. This trip lasts 1h.30m. and its price is 9 € for adults and 4,10€ for children. The oldest ship was built for the international EXPO in 1888.Now the new boats can take around 150 to 196 people.


Rosca de Pacua

Hi, I am Maria and I am from Argentina. Holy week Celebration is similar to Spain but some details are different, for example : the palm is not yellow, the palm is an olive’s ram, the “mona de pascua” is called “rosca de pascua” and also exist the “eggs of Pascua”, (pascua is Easter) these are of chocolate and inside contain little candies and a little surprise


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The Biebrza National Park is lokated in Northeast Poland, in the Podlasie Voivodship. The northeastern boundary of the parkis near the Belarus border. The Narew river and its confluents whit the Biebrza River from thesouthern boundary. The park was established in 1993 and whit a total area of 59 233 ha,it is the largest of the Polish national park. The Park includes 15 547 ha of forest,18 182 ha of agricultural land and 25 494 ha of wetland-the most valuable habitats of the park-the famous Biebrza marshes. The area of 3936 ha is under strict protection ha including the Czerwone Bagno Red Bog at the Grzędy Forest District. Unique in Europe for its marshes and peat-bog, as well asits highly diversified fauna, especiallybirds-the Park was designated as a wetland siteof global significance and is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention.


La Mona

"La Mona de Pascua" is a famous cake typical from
Catalonia and Valencia and it symbolizes the Eastern Week's ending. It's only eaten on "Eastern Monday". Commonly, godfathers use to give these cakes to their godchildren as a gift.

At the beggining it was just a cake with hard boiled eggs on it decorated with feathers. But soon chocolate eggs took over the normal ones. These chocolate eggs cakes were the first "monas".

The recipe was taken from the moors that lived in Spain. They used to bake a cake called "munna" as a gift for they masters. That's why it has such a weird name "mona" (mona also means a female monkey).

This is a monkey. Monkeys are awesome.

If you ever visit Catalonia or Valencia on the "Eastern Week" don't forget to taste one of these delicious cakes.


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It is a ski resort where everyone can ski , specially for beginners or those who start to ski for the first time , this station is located in Northern Catalonia in France about 40 kilometres from the border, it's about 3 hours from Barcelona by car. It's quite beautiful , as station and the views that has and the contact with nature, you can practice cross-country ski and alpine style, there are restaurants and rest areas to eat .... it is a very recommended place to go with the family.



Easter, also called Pascha, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year.
The week before Easter is very special in the Christian tradition. The Sunday before Easter is
Palm Sunday and the last three days before Easter are Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday (sometimes referred to as Silent Saturday). Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday respectively commemorate Jesus' entry in Jerusalem, the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are sometimes referred to as the Easter Triduum (Latin for "Three Days"). In some countries, Easter lasts two days, with the second called "Easter Monday." The week beginning with Easter Sunday is called Easter Week or the Octave of Easter, and each day is prefaced with "Easter," e.g. Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, etc. Easter Saturday is therefore the Saturday after Easter Sunday. The day before Easter is properly called Holy Saturday. Many churches start celebrating Easter late in the evening of Holy Saturday at a service called the Easter Vigil

Easter Wet Monday :)

Easter food

A collection of traditional eggs

Palm Sunday

Deacon blessing the Easter food (Święconka), Poland 2008

Traditional Polish custom of blessing food on Holy Saturday. This święconka basket was made in Ćwikły-Rupie (Podlasie voivodship) for Easter 2008 and contains: kielbasa, boiled eggs (coloured with onion), salt, pepper and bread. Decorated with bilberry leaves. Blessed food is eaten on Easter breakfast.


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Transport in Bialystok

Bialystok isn't big so we have only ... buses.There are many of them so you can get every where. You can buy disposable ticket or for one month (which is cheaper for those who use buses every day). If you want to check how many buses we have and how do they look like, you can visit the side http://www.komunikacja.bialystok.pl/
Buses are not very comfortable and fast so for those who are in a hurry and don't have a car there are cabs. The cabs aren't yellow. Bialystok's cabs are different cars. We have many cab's companies but the most popular are : 9191 and 9626 (those numbers are telephone numbers).

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Special transport

The Cable Car in Barcelona The cable car goes above the harbour of Barcelona, from the suburb La Barceloneta to the hill Montjuïc. Inside the cable car it is possible to see beautiful views : the seaside, Barcelona's Harbour (called Port Vell), the monument of Colon, part of centre of the town, the Ramblas, the castle that is in on the top of Montjuic, and panoramic views of the city. This route lasts five minutes and inside the cabin nineteen people can stand. One-way ticket cost 7,50 euros and the return ticket cost 9 euros.

Unusual mean of transport

Funicular is a little train. It goes from Paral.lel, next to the underground stop, to Montjuic. Once at the top there if you want you can catch Teleféric and go to the top pf Montjuic, where there is a Castle.

It’s a slowly train and one part of the way is underground. You cannot see beautiful views but is the most ecological and cheapest transport to go to the top of mountain Montjuic, better than with you car.

Ana Romera

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Irregular verbs

Here are some links to irregular verbs

Learn English
List of irregular verbs
Another list


Form an IES


Hi everybody, The old blog was not always working, so I decided to move on. I will try to bring everything to this one.

Hola l'anterior blog sembla que portava problemes i no sempre es carregava així que he decidit exportar-ho. Espero que pugui portar tot el que tenia.

Easter. This Friday 14th is tHE last day and we will be on holidays, Holly week or Easter. In fact Easter will be on the 24th Monday or in same places 23rd Sunday.
Podeu escriure comentaris sobre la vostra pasqua

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Last Sunday I went to Montserrat .It is a mountain in the centre of Catalonia ,It is a very tipical touristic place . There are always many people.

There is also a church with a black vergin , is name is Montserrat.

Montserrat have a tipical scainlane with stones extended.

Another people use the mountain to walk or to scale.

From Barcelona to Monistrol I went by train and then I take a cablecar train , the landscape is very nice.

The weather was sunny and we coud eat in the gardens.

I recomend this visit


bodies exhibition

On Sunday 17th of February was the last time I went out , I was in an art gallery the bodies exhibition in the area of Barcelona Maritim museum. It is one fabulous.... human body exhibition. It is worth visiting it .
I went my car in 20 minute from SANT BOI to BARCELONA.


Last Saturday I went to my friend’s home with other women .We had dinner, pizza and sandwiches which we paid together. We talked about men and we laughed all the night.
We were drinking cava until very late .I cried with the jokes of the friends I hadn’t laughed for a long time ago.

Gema .

Go out

Last weekend I went out with my friends. The meeting point was a small bar in the Born, in Barcelona at six o’clock. My friend Rita was the first to arrive at the bar, one hour earlier, because in her house there weren’t anybody and she was bored. She is a very pleasant person and she was talking all time with the waiter. When I arrived I found Rita very happy because she had this new friend. Later Laura and Sandra arrived and we were there three hours. Rita and Sandra drank Coca Cola with chocolate cake, the coca cola’s little bottle cost 1,80euros and chocolate cake’s piece costs 2,50euros. Laura drank a black coffee, that cost 1,10euros and I drank a white coffee whit a croissant, the white coffee cost 1,20 and the croissant cost 1,30.

Mexican food

Last Saturday I was with my family in a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona it was my 17 years wedding anniversary .We ate fajitas ,nachos with guacamole, my daughter didn’t like the Mexican food and she ate nuggets in a MacDonald after .We like the Mexican food but no tex-mex . We drank beer and fanta it cost 90 € .
Antonia Diaz

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Bialystok today

Bialystok now

The photos present the streets,park and building of Bialzstok.

Eating out

My husband and I went to eat in a restaurant in Barcelona on Saturday.
After, in the afternoon, we went to visit my mother in the hospital , at night
we Went to have dinner at my son’s flat.


Last Saturday I went out with my family. We went to the restaurant to eat calçots. Calçots are a kind of onion. Here is typical to eat barbecued calçots.
We went in a restaurant of Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. A restaurant is in the countryside. The children can run, jump and play without risk.
We were a lot of people. We were sixteen adults and six or seven children.
We laughed very much and the children played very, very much.
It was a very funny day.
Ana Romera