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The Biebrza National Park is lokated in Northeast Poland, in the Podlasie Voivodship. The northeastern boundary of the parkis near the Belarus border. The Narew river and its confluents whit the Biebrza River from thesouthern boundary. The park was established in 1993 and whit a total area of 59 233 ha,it is the largest of the Polish national park. The Park includes 15 547 ha of forest,18 182 ha of agricultural land and 25 494 ha of wetland-the most valuable habitats of the park-the famous Biebrza marshes. The area of 3936 ha is under strict protection ha including the Czerwone Bagno Red Bog at the Grzędy Forest District. Unique in Europe for its marshes and peat-bog, as well asits highly diversified fauna, especiallybirds-the Park was designated as a wetland siteof global significance and is under the protection of the Ramsar Convention.


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  1. How far is the park from Bialystok?
    Have you ever visied the park?
    Do people go there for bird watching?
    I supose there are a lot of birds in the marshes. Are there also cows and horses like in southern Europe? Places like Carmargue in France, Doñana in Spain. Here in the Llobregat mouth theres a small area, a marsh area and there lots of birds, this year as it has been hot some of them have not gone in winter to Africa. Now there are flamingos

  2. The park from Bialystok is half an hour by car.
    Yes,I visited in the park 7 years ago.
    This place visiting an ornithologist,photographers and tourists.


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