dimecres, 26 de març de 2008

La Mona

"La Mona de Pascua" is a famous cake typical from
Catalonia and Valencia and it symbolizes the Eastern Week's ending. It's only eaten on "Eastern Monday". Commonly, godfathers use to give these cakes to their godchildren as a gift.

At the beggining it was just a cake with hard boiled eggs on it decorated with feathers. But soon chocolate eggs took over the normal ones. These chocolate eggs cakes were the first "monas".

The recipe was taken from the moors that lived in Spain. They used to bake a cake called "munna" as a gift for they masters. That's why it has such a weird name "mona" (mona also means a female monkey).

This is a monkey. Monkeys are awesome.

If you ever visit Catalonia or Valencia on the "Eastern Week" don't forget to taste one of these delicious cakes.


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  1. We also have special cake.It's name is "Mazurek".



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