dijous, 6 de març de 2008

Go out

Last weekend I went out with my friends. The meeting point was a small bar in the Born, in Barcelona at six o’clock. My friend Rita was the first to arrive at the bar, one hour earlier, because in her house there weren’t anybody and she was bored. She is a very pleasant person and she was talking all time with the waiter. When I arrived I found Rita very happy because she had this new friend. Later Laura and Sandra arrived and we were there three hours. Rita and Sandra drank Coca Cola with chocolate cake, the coca cola’s little bottle cost 1,80euros and chocolate cake’s piece costs 2,50euros. Laura drank a black coffee, that cost 1,10euros and I drank a white coffee whit a croissant, the white coffee cost 1,20 and the croissant cost 1,30.

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