dissabte, 28 de juny de 2008


Now we are in the summer.... let's see what can we do... If you want just write some lines...
I live on the edge on Gavà and Viladecans both have beaches...
About Viladecans beaches
it's 2,7 km long and with and extension of 290.000 m2, from the stream mouth of Remolar to the Murtra lake. A pine forest, pine shed trees , planted to fix the dunes, separetes the beach from the rest of the space.
It's a natural beach next very close to ecological ecosystems, and it keeps the dune area in its natural state it is almost a virginal place, with no houses or buildings due to the airport neighbourhood.
While about Gavà:
A fine sandy beach with excellent services and communications
Gavà beach, some 3,551 m long and covering an area of 200,704 m2, not only provides visitors with perfect sand and sea, but also all the facilities and services necessary for the ideal holiday.
And here there all kind of place to stay, eat, drink....

dijous, 19 de juny de 2008


Respecte a l'ús del bloc en l'aula es valora positivament:
La posibilitat de poder fer comentaris
El fet de recollir activitats fetes pels alumnes
La proposta d'activitat que es fa.

Es demana com a millorar que hi hagi informació sobre el propi bloc

dimarts, 17 de juny de 2008





Hello to all!
In the first place I mean that has been a beautiful experience to be able to share opinions with you and lastly that you have some good holidays and we see each other in september.

A greeting to all!


dilluns, 16 de juny de 2008


Hey everyone, the school classes are finally over. We are going to get our grades this Thursday and I heard that there will be a party, though I'm not sure.

I'm writing the last post just to say goodbye. I enjoyed reading your post and learning from your culture, traditions, food and places a lot.

I hope you liked my posts too. I wrote about many different things. I also enjoyed discussing with you.

It has been fun, take care. I'm glad we met.

By the way, good look against Croatia. I hope Poland gets into quarter finals.


diumenge, 15 de juny de 2008

Expo Zaragoza 2008

A new water festival
The International Exposition site is located within the Ranillas Meander, to the west of the city of Zaragoza, surrounded by the banks of the River Ebro....
You can read more at the e-zine... a trip from Barcelona
or visit the web, you can clic on the logo or from HERE

divendres, 13 de juny de 2008

See you soon

Hi everybody... in Barcelona we have finished the school year. Yesterday was the last class and next Thursday we will have a party at school.
We can posted several recipes in our magazine and posted several new post in our blog. We are looking forward you posts.
I would like to ask you two things:
1. why are there so many Polish surnames ending with ki?
2. What's the meaning of that l (letter L) with a strip on it? some kind of stress? a new letter? a different kind of l?

My students may keep in touch using the blogs next weeks.

Thank you and see you soon... We enjoy chatting with you.
Mr Rius

dijous, 12 de juny de 2008

Recipes on the e-zine

Hi everybody , I' ve written a little description of my favourite dish, I invite you to visit the e-magazine and tell me what is your favourite recipe.


Salmon with sautéed vegetables to the plate:

- 400g Salmon.
- 500g of vegetables ( Carrots , Zucchini , Green peppers).
- 3 Large spoonfuls of olive oil.
- 15g Basil.
- 10g Parsley.
- 2 Garlic cloves.

Length 10/15 minutes ready to eat.


Diet habits

These can be a list of a weekly shopping list.

Two adults and 2 children

Vegetables cereals proteins other

8/10 pieces of tomato

1 piece of eggplant

1 piece of zucchini

2 pieces small onions

3 pieces of carrot

1 red sweet pepper

1 green pepper

1 bag 500g frozen broccoli

1 head of garlic

500g of green beans

2 pieces of lettuce

5 pieces of apple

6 pieces of banana

5 pieces of peaches

1 big natural pieapple

1kg of seasonal fruit (cherries, strawberries, apricots, melon, water melon...)

5 Kg of potatoes

1 Kg of rice

1 Kg of macaroni

6 packets of biscuits 750g

500g chocolate cereal (breakfast)

1 packet of chocolate biscuits 500g

5 whole wheat baguettes (bread) .

1 package bread (in slices for toasts) 750g

500g of chicken breast

500g of Turkey burgers

500g of pork tenderloin

1kg of beef

1 bag of frozen salmon 750g.

2 bags of frozen hake 500g

2 slices of fresh tuna

2 slices of fresh mere

8 eggs

250 g of ham

200g cured ham

7 liters of milk

1/2 liter of oil

1 sugar 250g

some sweetener

1 cocoa 200g

1 packte of coffee

2. bottles 8l. mineral water

4 cans of beer

2 liters of orange juice

1 bottle of wine

18 flavour yogurts

250g light cheese

blueberry light jam

200g of Margarine/ or butter

some Ketchup

some Mustard

some Mayonaise

2 cans of fried tomato

dilluns, 9 de juny de 2008


The most negative experience that I have had travelling by plane was:

The flight Barcelona ( Spain ) - Sofia ( Bulgaria ) with a stop at Paris ( France ) . First when making the scale in Paris the air plane had already left and I had to wait 3 hours in the airport of Paris for a new plane, when it left I had to make another stop in Prague ( Czec Rep ) and from Prague to Sofia. I Arrived at 23H 55 min. when I should have had to arrived at 19H o ´clock more or less and to make matters worse the baggage stayed back in Prague.


My favourite Recipe

Hi, What about writing about our favourite cooking recipe. We can write here and then pass it to the e-zine. Dani did it and there's a "special" recipe for cooking a Paella..
Hem estat treballant es classes sobre les receptes en anglès. Els d'informàtica han fet noves propostes. Si us sembla usem aquest bloc com a plataforma base.
Molt bones les reflexions en les enquestes de les receptes. Ha guanyat sense rival la PAST, incedeible! entre els joves sí l'hagués dit però....

dilluns, 2 de juny de 2008

My favourite place

The place I like the most is Palma de Mallorca. I haven't been in many different places so I can really say this place is the best. But so far I love it.

I know this place because I lived there for many years.