dissabte, 28 de juny de 2008


Now we are in the summer.... let's see what can we do... If you want just write some lines...
I live on the edge on Gavà and Viladecans both have beaches...
About Viladecans beaches
it's 2,7 km long and with and extension of 290.000 m2, from the stream mouth of Remolar to the Murtra lake. A pine forest, pine shed trees , planted to fix the dunes, separetes the beach from the rest of the space.
It's a natural beach next very close to ecological ecosystems, and it keeps the dune area in its natural state it is almost a virginal place, with no houses or buildings due to the airport neighbourhood.
While about Gavà:
A fine sandy beach with excellent services and communications
Gavà beach, some 3,551 m long and covering an area of 200,704 m2, not only provides visitors with perfect sand and sea, but also all the facilities and services necessary for the ideal holiday.
And here there all kind of place to stay, eat, drink....

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  1. I love the main beaches in Barcelona. You cannot beat being here in Barcelona durign the summer time.

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  2. I love the Beach and from what I have heard they have the amazing sunsets. Apartments in Barcelona.


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