dijous, 12 de juny de 2008

Diet habits

These can be a list of a weekly shopping list.

Two adults and 2 children

Vegetables cereals proteins other

8/10 pieces of tomato

1 piece of eggplant

1 piece of zucchini

2 pieces small onions

3 pieces of carrot

1 red sweet pepper

1 green pepper

1 bag 500g frozen broccoli

1 head of garlic

500g of green beans

2 pieces of lettuce

5 pieces of apple

6 pieces of banana

5 pieces of peaches

1 big natural pieapple

1kg of seasonal fruit (cherries, strawberries, apricots, melon, water melon...)

5 Kg of potatoes

1 Kg of rice

1 Kg of macaroni

6 packets of biscuits 750g

500g chocolate cereal (breakfast)

1 packet of chocolate biscuits 500g

5 whole wheat baguettes (bread) .

1 package bread (in slices for toasts) 750g

500g of chicken breast

500g of Turkey burgers

500g of pork tenderloin

1kg of beef

1 bag of frozen salmon 750g.

2 bags of frozen hake 500g

2 slices of fresh tuna

2 slices of fresh mere

8 eggs

250 g of ham

200g cured ham

7 liters of milk

1/2 liter of oil

1 sugar 250g

some sweetener

1 cocoa 200g

1 packte of coffee

2. bottles 8l. mineral water

4 cans of beer

2 liters of orange juice

1 bottle of wine

18 flavour yogurts

250g light cheese

blueberry light jam

200g of Margarine/ or butter

some Ketchup

some Mustard

some Mayonaise

2 cans of fried tomato

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