dijous, 31 de gener de 2008

A trip to SITGES

Official name. : Sitges
Location: It ‘s a small city 40 km south west of Barcelona .
Population: Approximately 25.0000 Inhabitants.
History: It became famous when a Catalan painter, Santiago Ruisiñol, took up residence there during the summer , it is also a “gay” touring town. ”One of the most popular gay holiday spots in Europe”. The beaches are very important it is like “Ibiza” in miniature . The festival and carnival every year, they are very popular .
Going there: In Sitges there are trains from Barcelona every 10-15 minutes, you can arrive from Barcelona in twenty minutes. You can also go by car by C32 ( a toll highway) or C31 which is called Costes del Garraf, a small road by the cliffs. There are also buses. There are many hotels. It’s a small coast city. It belongs to Garraf.

diumenge, 27 de gener de 2008


These are some photos from Sagrada Familia

It's a Modernist building designed by Antoni Gaudi

dijous, 24 de gener de 2008

Roads in Barcelona

Barcelona has a ring road .Next to the coast is Ronda Litoral and the mountain side Ronda de Dalt.If you want to visit the south coastline you can go by C-32 or Autovia Castelldefels (this one is free).This year all the roads around Barcelone is forbidden to exceed 80km.This one does not avoid the traffic jam that everyday you can found.If you want to go to the north coast you must take B-20 this one goes next the sea but it finishes in the Maresme coast before the most beautiful area the Brava coast. Then, you must take the national road and across all the little ,nice towns that you will found .The other possibility would be to visit mountain area on the northwest . You have several roads, the highway A7 ,A2 and the other main roads: NII, N340 .You must chose your route until you arrive to the Pirineos the most beautiful natural area from Catalonia.


There are different kind of public transport. We have bus and train. There are buses to travel into the town. And there are buses to go to other towns or Barcelona city. The train goes to Barcelona city and other towns of Barcelona. The problem of the buses is the time that you stay in the bus-stop if you lost it. The train is quicker if you go to Barcelona city.
Ana Romera


Lines of buses in Sant Boi of Llobregat (Barcelona). SB1SB2L70L72L74L75L77L78L96 TRAIN (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat).


The urban bus off the town of Sant Boi . ( The main stop is the station and the hospital ( comarcal).


The urban bus of the town of Sant Boi. ( outside suburbs ).

L 70 –72

Two buses that go by comercial areas the finish is in the city of Barcelona.
L 77-78
Two buses , the 77 goes to the city of Prat de Llobregat. And the 78 goes to the Airport.
L 74-75
Two buses ,they connect with the underground line 5 and the tram.
L 96
One bus goes to Viladecans,Gava abd finishes in Casteldefels in the beach area).
Goes to Barcelona and Monserrat , Igualada.

Mª Angeles and Marga

dimarts, 22 de gener de 2008

T-10 explained.

A T-10 is the name of one of the cardboard tickets used in Barcelona for public transport. If you want to get into the train station or into the bus, you must insert the ticket into a small device. This machine will remove one travel from your ticket. And, if you are in the train station, it will open 2 small doors (gates). The remaining tickets data is stored in a magnetic band on the back of the card.

It lets you travel 10 times for 7,20 euros which is cheaper than buying ten simple tickets, but more expensive than any other Spanish city. For example, in Seville the same card (different name) costs around 4,50 euros.

This card can only be used in 1 zone from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. If you need to go out from this zone you will have to buy a different 2 zone T-10.

There are many others public transport tickets. There are the ones who let you travel fifty times in one month (T-50/30), the ones who can be used unlimited times in three months (T-Jove), the ones who can only be used one time (these ones suck) etcetera.

If you ever travel to Barcelona I recommend you get one of these cards.

dijous, 17 de gener de 2008


The olimpic village is the suburb by the sea. There are too many tourists. In the Olympics games sportists live in the flats.There are a lot of good bars and restaurants. The public transport is good, with buses and metro. It is a very important nightlife area in the city. In the summer people go to the beach. Near there is a shopping centre, with shops and bars, the mall is called Diagonal . The zoo is very near.
M Angeles



There are too many tourists. There is an excellent football and Olympic stadium.There is a little crime in the morning but at night it’s sometimwe dangerous. In the summer the tourist visit the gardens and parks. Once a year, they make a fashion catwalk. Every week the fans of singers go to the concerts in the Palau Sant Jordi. There are good restaurants but they aren't very cheap


I live down town, near the sea and the beach , there is one main street that many people visit .There are the best restaurants and a very important Opera theatre, Liceo , the shopping is very attractive in this street, there is a beautiful market too, la Boqueria , and a monument to Cristobal Colon.There are museums, like wax museum, Sea museum, Arts, one aquarium and an imax cinema too.This zone is very visited by tourists because it is very famous in Barcelona .

El Born

El Born

It is an old district of Barcelona. Now it is a fashion district , there are many shops, a lot of nightlife, many people walking in the street and many restaurants.
There is a very pretty gotic church, Santa Maria del Mar, also called "The sea cathedral". This place is near the city centre. In the last century it had an important and big market but now it is closed but the structure is conservate.The steets are very narrow and the flats are very cheap and old.

Gotic Suburb

The old area of the town has a special smell. I like it, because I love to walk around old streets to imagine the history and the life of the other people who lived there when life was more difficult , without transport, without fridge , water running …You can visit the big Cathedral and know how many years were needed to finish this building and all the different political situations in those years. All the streets around shows the typical historical houses with the changes of the progress .We can go to windows shopping and while we smell, imagine and enjoy this special town. You can found many different kinds of restaurants and many kinds of people. Different nationalities, artists, beggars, executives….The great mix in a little town into a big town. Gema.17/01/08

Espanya Square

Barcelona has got various museums. In Reina Cristina avenue it is The National Art Museum "MNAC" there is also a bussines and congress zone and it is also very famous for its fountain with water in colours. The name of the area is Plaza España . It has got several hotels and There is a famous street whit many shops. It's called Sants Street. It is a very visited area with many tourists all year round.There are a lot of good bars and restaurants. Public transport is excellent there are buses, underground and train. Marga


Sitges is a town near Barcelona. It is by the sea. This makes Sitges the nicest town near Barcelona. Its weather is ideal. Its sun is always shining. Its streets are narrow but you can walk calming. There are many, many shops with fashion clothes. There are very nice old buildings . But the most important is the interesting people that you can see walking in its streets. The people of Sitges is different. It is a favourite place for gays. There is very nightlife too. Many dracqueens go to Sitges in the night and in the carnival. The carnival of Sitges is very famous. The Cinema Festival it is also very important.
Ana Romera

dimarts, 15 de gener de 2008

Shopping malls

We have many of them of in Barcelona. You can find specific ones, like all computer, cloth or hardware related.

The most famous are “Alcampo” (a French mall), “Carrefour” (also French, it’s old name was PRYCA but it was bought by them) and IKEA… and I guess this one needs no explanations. They are everywhere.

The malls are related to one of the most infamous Spanish traditions. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner for free while you enjoy the aircon and play some videogames.
Alcampo and Carrefour are similar, both sell the same. IKEA sells furniture, which by the way, it’s a pain in the ass to do it yourself.

divendres, 11 de gener de 2008


Hi, in Sant Boi, Barcelona, we are preparing some useful information for those who would like to visit the town and the area.
We are going to work on different items. To start with we are going to talk about public transport, and private transport in case one would like to hire a car.

Our nearest airport is at El Prat de Llobregat which is only few kilometres from Barcelona centre (19 km) and Sant Boi, you could visit the website AIRPORT. There are many companies flying, some of them are low cost, if you would like to have a look click on the link LOWCOST. But there are other ways to arrive like bus, car....... I hope we could exchange ideas...

dimecres, 9 de gener de 2008

New Year's Eve

As we could check from the pool half of our students stay home with the family or friends on December 31st and half went out. I hope everybody enjoyed that night.