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There are different kind of public transport. We have bus and train. There are buses to travel into the town. And there are buses to go to other towns or Barcelona city. The train goes to Barcelona city and other towns of Barcelona. The problem of the buses is the time that you stay in the bus-stop if you lost it. The train is quicker if you go to Barcelona city.
Ana Romera


Lines of buses in Sant Boi of Llobregat (Barcelona). SB1SB2L70L72L74L75L77L78L96 TRAIN (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat).


The urban bus off the town of Sant Boi . ( The main stop is the station and the hospital ( comarcal).


The urban bus of the town of Sant Boi. ( outside suburbs ).

L 70 –72

Two buses that go by comercial areas the finish is in the city of Barcelona.
L 77-78
Two buses , the 77 goes to the city of Prat de Llobregat. And the 78 goes to the Airport.
L 74-75
Two buses ,they connect with the underground line 5 and the tram.
L 96
One bus goes to Viladecans,Gava abd finishes in Casteldefels in the beach area).
Goes to Barcelona and Monserrat , Igualada.

Mª Angeles and Marga

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