dimarts, 22 de gener de 2008

T-10 explained.

A T-10 is the name of one of the cardboard tickets used in Barcelona for public transport. If you want to get into the train station or into the bus, you must insert the ticket into a small device. This machine will remove one travel from your ticket. And, if you are in the train station, it will open 2 small doors (gates). The remaining tickets data is stored in a magnetic band on the back of the card.

It lets you travel 10 times for 7,20 euros which is cheaper than buying ten simple tickets, but more expensive than any other Spanish city. For example, in Seville the same card (different name) costs around 4,50 euros.

This card can only be used in 1 zone from the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. If you need to go out from this zone you will have to buy a different 2 zone T-10.

There are many others public transport tickets. There are the ones who let you travel fifty times in one month (T-50/30), the ones who can be used unlimited times in three months (T-Jove), the ones who can only be used one time (these ones suck) etcetera.

If you ever travel to Barcelona I recommend you get one of these cards.

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