dijous, 17 de gener de 2008

Gotic Suburb

The old area of the town has a special smell. I like it, because I love to walk around old streets to imagine the history and the life of the other people who lived there when life was more difficult , without transport, without fridge , water running …You can visit the big Cathedral and know how many years were needed to finish this building and all the different political situations in those years. All the streets around shows the typical historical houses with the changes of the progress .We can go to windows shopping and while we smell, imagine and enjoy this special town. You can found many different kinds of restaurants and many kinds of people. Different nationalities, artists, beggars, executives….The great mix in a little town into a big town. Gema.17/01/08

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  1. When I was reading your note I felt like I was there... It sounds like it's really nice place to walk and relax. I hope I'll have chance to see it some day! And to tell the truth, I'm a little bit jealous because in Bialystok there's no old town...


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