dijous, 31 de gener de 2008

A trip to SITGES

Official name. : Sitges
Location: It ‘s a small city 40 km south west of Barcelona .
Population: Approximately 25.0000 Inhabitants.
History: It became famous when a Catalan painter, Santiago Ruisiñol, took up residence there during the summer , it is also a “gay” touring town. ”One of the most popular gay holiday spots in Europe”. The beaches are very important it is like “Ibiza” in miniature . The festival and carnival every year, they are very popular .
Going there: In Sitges there are trains from Barcelona every 10-15 minutes, you can arrive from Barcelona in twenty minutes. You can also go by car by C32 ( a toll highway) or C31 which is called Costes del Garraf, a small road by the cliffs. There are also buses. There are many hotels. It’s a small coast city. It belongs to Garraf.

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