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Branicki Palace in Bialystok,the"Versailles of Podlachia"was built for Count Jan Klemens Branicki. Great Crown Hetman and patron of art and science, raised in French milieu of the Polish aristocracy who transformed a previous house into the suitably magnificent residence of a great Polish noble a rival to Wilanow, making start in 1726. he also laid out the central part of the town of Bialystok, not a large place in the 18th century,whit its triangular market. Branicki Palace was destroyed by the Nazis.The poles rebuilt it after World War II as a matter of national pride. The Medical University is housed in the Palace.

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  1. we don't understand Great Crown Hetman. Bialystok seem to have a great background, they are lovely garden... Students in spring and summer may stay in the garden insted of going to classes

  2. The Great Crown Hetman that is the Great Crown Commander-in-Chief.


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