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Białowieża Forest

The surface of whole forest crosses 150 tys. of h (from what in borders of Poland 62 tys. of h).

The fragments of forests about primitive character in Białowieskiej Forest kept only on European depression. Grądowe forests predominate in her (40%-47%) and mixed forests (33%). They create stand common spruce mainly (26%), ordinary pine (24%), black olsza (17%), szypułkowy oak (12%) as well as birch: verruculous and omszona (11%). They step out also: overbearing ash, lime - tree drobnolistna, ordinary clon and ordinary hornbeam. Deciduous trees step out in forest as congeneric stands, with rule seldom they create forest mixed. they create as congeneric stands, with rule forest forest mixed.

Many species in forest survived, which where they perished else where, it rises and many common trees form unparalleled nowhere else where there, lime -tree's np. reminding type czy willow's adolescent to 22 m oaks. One of oaks called with " the Tzar's Oak" grew to 42 m of height and 224 cm of thickness.they as congeneric stands, with rule create forest mixed.

It presence in forest was affirmed was over 12 tys. of animals' species, and it it was estimated was, it that fauna was recognized was in 50% only! It steps out there 58 mammals' species, 250 birds, 7 reptiles (m.in. muddy tortoise and spotty gniewosz), 13 amphibians, 32 fish, over 9000 insects, 331 spiders, 20 leeches.

Mammals are the best recognized group faunas. Aurochs is the "Visiting-card" of forest; his free herd crosses 300 arts. Such mammals step out there also, as: wolf, lynx, otter, badger, bats and rodents.

She the forest from surrounding terrains became together with in 1986 recognized for the Area of Protected Scenery about surface 860 km ^(2). The different forms of protection were hugged over 50% surface. It exists 20 reserves of nature about surface of 3208 h, 2 the animals' mainstays protected, 94 protective zones of the black stork's nests and the noisy orlika. It to national register of programme of protection genetic pool was written 401 trees. It over 1100 trees was recognise for monuments of nature.


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