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Królowy Most- village In Poland located on the Płoska river in podlaskie voivodeship, in Białystok county, in Gródek commune approximately 25 km near Białystok. On 1975-1998 years .
On 1975-1998 town belonged administratively for Białystok administratively.

The village Has a summer charakter. Earlier it was called Annopol, later Janapol- this name is connected with Jan III Sobieski- Polish king.
Across Królowy Most leeds tourist routes: the Wzgórze Świętojańskie route and Napoleoński route..
Near village were many wars In 1807, 1831, 1863.
In the village and its the nearest neighbourhood made film U Pana Boga za piecem and “U Pana Boga w ogródku”.

Historical monuments

Chapel of Saint Anna from 1840 year
An orthodox church of Saint Anna from 1904-1928 in Byzantine style on a Greek cross plan, with three towers over the peaks. Inside we can see beautiful altar.

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