dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2008


Supraśl is a town located 16 km on northeast from Białystok. It's situated by the river, from which it gained its name, and surrounded by the Knyszyńska Forrest. Due to clearness of air, lack of heavy industry, unique climat and presence of valuable deposits of mineral waters is considered as good place to heal illnesses. It is also good place to sightseeing. The most important is orthodox Saint Mary monastery, founded in 16th century. The church was destroyed by the Nazis during the II WW, but recently i was finally rebuilded. While being around, it's necessary to enter the museum of orthodox ikons - one of biggest and most unique collection in Poland. Another place worth to see is a Bucholtz's Palace. Nowadays in this art nouveau style building is placed fine arts high school.
You can get to Supraśl by bus from Białystok

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