dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2008


This is now the Cathedral. This beautiful neogothic church was built at the beginning of XX century by project of Jozef Pius Dziekonski. This church is very beautiful inside. There are too great stained glass windows. I think that the history of St. Fara Church is very interesting. In 19th century Poland was annexed by Prussia, Russia and Austria. Bialystok belonged to Russians. Polish people couldn`t build anything without Russians` permission... In 1899, after 39 year waiting period, city dwellers received a permit to build a little annexe to an old church in Bialystok...Later it turned out that this tiny annexe is many times as big as the main church. It is a "solid comment" on persecution that took place in Poland in 19th century... The "red" church this is annexe, the "white".... this is the main church. Now the church is the Cathedrale.
Magdalena Bartnicka, Nela Martonik

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  1. beautiful church

  2. It reminds me of a cathedral that I have four years ago in New York , especially the outside , I think that is not the typical orthodox church!


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