divendres, 18 d’abril de 2008

The Long May Weekend

The May Weekend in Poland takes place usually from 1st May (as in whole in Poland it's a Labour Day) till 3rd May, but could be longer (many of people takes their vacations to have May Weekend as long as it is possible).
3rd May in Poland is quite important national and religious festival: on this day in 1791 was codified Polish constitution, which is recognised as first in Europe and world's second (after USA) .
May Weekend is commonly considered as a beginnig of a grilling season and last such as long break before holidays.

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  1. Why isit a religious holiday?. Here only 1st on May is holiday but this year as it 's on Thursday many people is going to have 4 days off... and I don't think we have any special date for BBQ... but people do them all year roun as we have a mild winter


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